Desire Tartan Dress - Topshop Belt - New Look Boots & Socks 
Ebay Cross Necklace 

Saturday rolled around and set off to Nottingham for a night on the town in aid of my lady Lians leaving 'party'. Upon arrival the drinks started flowing and we all endured a food coma thanks to some rather delish food in FAT CAT (defo worth a visit if you're ever in Notts).  Come the evening we had our usual pre party followed did the usual rounds of a fair few bars. A few sore heads were on display over breakfast come sunday morning & then came the goodbyes. Going to be weird without the beaut but lots of Skype time awaits and fingers crossed a reunion mid travels when i'm away visiting the family in the Far East. 

The nights outfit was a jump in a new direction as i'm not usually a dress or red wearer, but i'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I was tempted to pop on some suspender style tights but consensus was that i looked like i'd just stepped out of a St.Trinians movie, yeah not quite look i was aiming for! The leopard print belt just adds a clashing element (something i'm a little obsessed with atm...) and it was finished off with my blue velvet bag.

I'll be adding a tab at the top which will direct you guys to my blog sale. I've got a fair few pieces i think some of you might like & as i never use them i'm selling them off to new homes. Most of the stuff is either unused or used once *hangs head in shame*.  I'll get the first few pieces up this week! 


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