Sometimes I Get A Good Feeling...

Miss Selfridge Blouse - H&M Leather Shorts - New Look Glitter Socks - 
Ebay Wedges - Asos Faux Fur

 Saturday night once was once again filled with the usual antics, this time we were headed into London for a night of fun and i had the company of favourite northern lass who was down for the weekend.  Along with my 'twin' ( below) and the usual lads we had a rather fabulous night on the town , ending with a falafel wrap ( yes highly random but actually rather nice!) and a crawl into bed just praying the birds would quit chirping & allow me to sleep! 

The faux fur was a sneaky purchase from the wonder that is ASOS. Over the past year or so i had fallen out of love with the site but in the past couple of months my addiction is back in full force...uh oh. Every sunday they have a flash sale for a couple of hours relating to certain items. A couple of weeks ago they had one of these flash sales relating to jackets i picked this beauty up for half price. Happy days!

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