Let's start over

Primark Jumpsuit & Hairband , New Look Heels , Forever 21 Necklace 

A long list of fabric needs, styling ideas and general fashion fun filled my thoughts on sunday, not that i'm complaining. Days with my extended family now frequently consist of conversations revolving around sewing and fabric colours, some people may find that a tad boring but for me, i can't think of much else i'd rather be thinking about. Though in recent times the designing has taken a backseat, i still end up with notes upon notes filled with ideas on pieces i want to make. It's a slow process but hopefully someday soon i'll have that mini collection complete! Even if it only reaches my wardrobe ( and those of my ladies around me) , seeing something you've dreamt of coming to life is a great feeling.  
With my time with AFO & AWO ending it's time to jump back into a scary world of uncertainty, searching for the next project/role for me to throw myself into.  Off on a fabric haul today but i will be doing a detailed post on The Glamour Awards that were last night. Lots of fashionable ladies were on the red carpet and i know i've already got my favourites. A post filled with pictures and tips on way...

The sunday outfit of choice was a simple jumpsuit , perfect for a lazy day after a late night. I threw on a pair of flats in reality, but for the shots popped on my heels. Expect to see this little number crop up in a variety ways this summer, from dance-floors to dinners and even a humble sofa. 

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