An Ever Present Past

This weekend saw me head back down memory lane with some old friends. Near enough every weekend saw us head out for dinner in our local town and 10 odd years later we were back in the same restaurant that held many memories. Talks of weddings , big moves and career changes filled our chatter as well as the memories that came from seeing each other everyday throughout secondary school. During the day i had assisted on my first professional make up booking, and it led to talks of future opportunities. When 14 and an extreme tomboy if you'd told me i'd be working in the world of fashion and beauty, i would've thought you were some crazed being! 

With the hideous weather i went for a look that was inspired the 'masculine' fashions seen on many catwalks and celebs in recent times. By keeping the base of the outfit classic black it meant the shirt really 'popped'. Currently loving anything that resembles a vintage corset i basically planned my outfit around the lace longline bandeau top recently added to the dressing up box of my life. The fitted top gave a feminine edge to a trend that wouldn't of been as flattering on me , but i kept the jewels minimal in an effort to stay true to the trend. Hmm i feel come A/W tailored pieces will be the basis of my style.

With the summer sunshine refusing to return to our lives i'm somewhat rebelling and filling my days with those summer anthems you know you'll hear blasting out of every car when it's warm enough. This particular song has been on repeat for a couple of months now and has officially taken over my life 

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