There's a side to you that I never knew, never knew

Topshop Leather Waistcoat & Shorts, Zara Vest , Grey Platform Wedges and a collection of jewels

Birmingham was the destination of choice this weekend. Combining shopping, Meetings with a couple of lovely fashion writers and of course a good old birthday night out it was what you could call successful. Putting my make up skills to use on on a couple of the ladies i started thinking about how far i've come in the last 11months and how my life is made up of two polar opposing halves. On one hand there's one major area of my life which see me running round in circles with a never changing outcome & yet i never learn my lesson BUT on the other hand i took a major risk & i'm now a million miles away from my days as a card merchandiser. 

1 month to go till my birthday and the 1 year mark of the night i decided i was going to give up the tedious day job & attempt to enter the industry i love. 

Todays Track > Adele : Set Fire To The Rain
Stunning as always the lady manages to encompass all those feelings running around my mind into one song filled with the emotion that only she could express. She can do no wrong.

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