Self inflicted pain......

Topshop shorts , H&M shirt and Marks & Spencer shoes.

What a random weekend. Ok so i say random but it was probably the least random weekend i've ever had. Literally consisting of work, the gym , cheeky phone chats and emailing like a woman possessed, it wasn't something i am used to. Week one of my 'career focused' time is complete, the word ecstatic doesn't even begin to cover it. Been stuck in one place isn't something i relish, i'm probably at my happiest surrounded by others so a weekend flying solo was an adjustment.
Missed out on the birthday events of friends but then i guess to get to where you want/need to be you've got to make a sacrifice or 4. Twitter has become my new best friend (worrying times) but i think the weekend of alone time has actually been a success ( not that i'll be looking to repeat it anytime soon).

Applied for another internship that if i get would be amaaazing and enrolled in a course that will hopefully lead to a more varied workload in the future. The small handful of people in the know have been sworn to secrecy but promised some perks once qualified (which i find is enough to sway most individuals). 

Probably sound like a crazed fool but actually can't wait to get back to life as i knew it :- constant phone calls/texting,  the sat-nav driving me up the wall, Sky plus memory below 30%, prepping the blog days in advance due to a fear of not completing it & the general insanity that comes with 4hours a sleep a night.

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  1. Love it. Busy busy busy is the way forward... and its always nice to have time to your self but when you are having alone time with work... you always have twitttttterrrr :)

    I hope you get the internshipppp .. :)


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