Running round in circles....

Topshop Kimono Jacket, Tank and Americano shorts , Marks and Spencer shoe boots

Life is filled with enviable highs and those oh so unenviable lows. This weekend managed to strangely encompass both ends of the scale . 

Meetings with some lovely ladies about a couple of exciting projects currently under way ,took charge of saturday and seemingly will be in charge of my life over the next few months. Sunday saw a drop back into reality with other aspects managing to worm their way into my thoughts. Ever felt like you're in a situation where you're constantly running round in circles & never actually making any progress? That's me right at this moment in time. Even when you think you've escaped, you're some how sucked right back in ..only realising so when you hit that brick wall yet again. At times even 20 chances down the road some things will never change and realising that can be a somewhat depressing thought. But then again with that moment of realisation comes a ( hopefully) new found sense of freedom, leaving you with more time to focus your energies on aspects of your life that will actually lead you somewhere new.

Looking forward to my return to the social scene this weekend! A fresh outfit post with my newly delivered goodies and a more positive ramble to share with you all...

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