Paris FW : Chanel : misplaced excitement

After all the anticipation of the Chanel show i must say i was ( and still am ) a bit disappointed with what the design house had to offer. For me the front row fashionista pack and the amazing set totally outshone the clothes, dare i say that more time should've been spent on the collection itself as oppose to the ramp they were showcased on? Chanel are lucky to have one of the biggest budgets and so the shows always take the theatrical antics of FW to a whole new level.

The front row was filled with, as expected the top fashionistas from around the globe. Will definitely be hunting down a similar version of Alexa's dress.
Lilly Allen : Colour pop Chanel bag is bang on trend

Florence of Florence and the machine

Alexa and Lilly: A.C looks effortlessly chic yet again! Jealous!

Back to the show itself,  Chanel  has come to be a design house that is recognised during fashion week not just for it's collections but for the entire 'package' if you like. It is one of THE  shows to be seen at during the fashion week season. The collection at first glance is pretty basic , when you look more closely the pieces are impressive but are a move away from the lighter pastel shades we've come to expect. The choice of more muted blacks,greys may have been a move by the creative directors in a effort to standout from the the other collections which have seen a focus on brighter hues at times.

Once again this may be a bit of london bias setting in but i think Burberry and Mulberry showed how you can have a stunning runway , a front row full of top names and yet still produce collections that truely impress. Burberry's collection this year was formed mainly of outerwear and the runway was simple yet with one element (the snow filled finish) they showed how a small twist can create the impact needed without overshadowing the collections. 
But then creative director and head designer of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld isn't known as one to follow the crowd.  The stunning feather inspired maxi skirt is a personal favourite of the AW 11 collection.

The finale : Maybe 'black is the new black' for AW 11?

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