They say that time heals everything....

Primark blouse, Warehouse Skirt, Next Platform clogs , Ring spanish market , necklace Australian boutique

Been a random couple of weeks. Funny how you can think you can be over something and then within the blink of an eye, be 6 months behind in the progress you thought you'd made..make sense? All i know is life has a funny way of slapping round the face when you least expect it but then i suppose it's how you come through it at the other side that matters. I like to think that the dramas we go through are a way of making us stronger/wiser for the future. They do say that time is a great healer..though i can't say i believe you can 100% be over any dramas in your life, i suppose with time the shadow it castes over you fades away.  Maybe this state of mind led to a more girly look for the day's events , putting together this jumble of new & old. When i first picked it out i was thinking 'god this is going to be an ..erm..interesting jumble' but i actually really liked it! 

End of the mini therapy session. Major trend inspired 'drama/emotion free' post en route xx

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  1. LOVE the whole look...gona get the whole outfit


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