More than a million miles..

It may be a little cold outside , ok so maybe freezing is more apt word! But when working from home the heating is at a constant high..so much so that today i popped on my old maxi dress. Got this beauty whilst working at french connection last year but its been stuck in transit since my trip to Malaysia in october ( we ended up doing a bit too much shopping and so had to get some of our contents shipped over..whoops) BUT it finally arrived so i thought why not put it to use! 
 Plus i was on a bit of a high as i awoke to the news that my 'big bro' in malaysia had a baby boy whilst i was in dreamland. The only rubbish thing about living here is that i feel a million miles away from all the excitement. With all the mothers side over there i always seem to be missing out on something. 
  Gotta start saving those pennies so i can go visit the little mite and inflict my fashion choices on him..no you're never to early to get your fashion fix. My mum moved over here when she was in 19 (i think) & managed to keep such a strong bond with all her family, something that's definitely stayed true with me. Family reunions are always a major affair over days of dinners/drinks/shopping, the only negative bit being that it usually ends with me on a 13hour plane journey home.

French Connection Maxi Dress, Customised denim , Primark belt knotted and custom random jewels
A little secret the belt isn't actually a waist belt, but a standard belt i've just tied into a knot. It's a cheaper way of working in the skinny belt trend into your wardrobes with a bit of a twist.

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