Better late than never

Leather leggings, H&M Basics tunic, New look jersey waistcoat, Saffron necklace 

There are those evenings where you'd planned a cosy night in, with the Tv and a massive mug of hot choccy as your only source of company (in my case throw in twitter as i'm a little addicted).  But as luck would have it these are usually the nights you're called upon for a last minute adventure out..and erm Topshops latest pyjamas aren't quite the appropriate garms to be seen in. Fed up of spending the 15 odd minutes i have to make myself presentable, locked in a fight with my wardrobe over what to wear, i invested in some statement jewels to aid the process. Using statement accessories are a great way to transform an outfit from 'drab to fab' (the cheesiest saying i must admit) in a matter of moments. The necklace is from Saffron , a store that i came across in Lakeside but they do have other outlets (links and more information on the store en route this week)

 Specialising in costume jewellery perfect for asian functions, all the pieces scream glamour. For me it was an easy way to dress up a simple tunic/leather leggings combo , add in a pair of heels and i was ready to go.

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