Everything is Changing ...

Blouse - Glamorous 
Leggings - Missguided
Gillet - Ebay ( similar here) 
Boots -Zara 
Bag - Givenchy 
Watch - MKors

I'm not normally a lover of Red, no idea why, but i'm just never drawn to it as a colour. On other people i think it looks great, but on me i always think i just look a tad 'out of sorts'. Though when my Aunty purchased me this stunner of a bag i could not complain as it's just perfect. Funnilly enough now whenever i have on my wardrobe staple of black, black and erm more black, this is the 1st accessory i pick up. The rest of the outfit was literally chosen for the reasons that they fitted the scheme of 'Black & Comfort'. 

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