Let the month of fashion, fashion and more fashion begin. 
For me fashion week not only provides a chance to have a peak at what's set to be big NEXT season but it always gives me a fair bit of style inspiration. From Editors at large to Bloggers from around the globe the style captured & shared is my favourite part of fashion week.  New yorks fash pack have already set the style bar high from what i've spied online/on instagram/every other social platform possible. I'm excited to see how London raises the bar especially when it comes to 'street style'. 

Image 1 - http://imnext.se/fannylyckman 
Images 2 & 3 - Weheartit.com
Image 4 -  http://angelicablick.se/
Image 5 - http://imnext.se/victoriatornegren

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  1. Great photos!
    I'm in love
    S xx


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