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Zara Dress & Boots - Ebay Clutch 

It's been a good while since the last post, and though i've been trying to keep pinterest and the old Insta page updated i've yet again fallen into the naughty blogger list. Between work & some personal things needing to be sorted the old blog has been neglected, but i've got a few outfits ready & lined up to be posted. I'm also in the middle of yet another wardrobe re-haul so do come follow me on Instagram!

This was just a simple LBD loo for a night out with the roomie. I added a bit of twist with some lace ankle socks and the oversized clutch, but didn't over accessorise as i wanted a really classic look. This dress fit amazingly, but was stolen from my cousin who tends to have fabulous pieces laying around her room. I do think that Zara are one of the best for classic/timeless items & have my next trip planned.

As always thanks for the patience with my lazy blogging behind, Roll on the next few weeks of updates galore. You'll soon be sick of me haha.


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