Midnight Memories ...

Topman Denim Shirt - Topshop Tights - Missguided Leather Shorts - Glamorous Cami 
The build up the christmas 2013 has been a lot busier than i'd expected but with santa due in to drop off those pressies in a matter of days it's time to get the party hat on, & enjoy the last few drinks of 2013. What was meant to be a glass of wine turned into a full on night of shots, shots and erm more shots, whoops. With the weather taking a real turn for the worse it the tights came out to play. Patterned tights are a sure fire way to inject some life into an otherwise 'basic' look. These cute heart suspender tights are from Topshop & they do have a great selection which is worth a peak. 

Got a couple more posts lined up before 2014 kicks into gear, and this time i promise to actually press upload! Lots of festive love to you all! 


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