Summertime Sadness ...

Tee - FD Avenue
Leggings - Karma Clothing 
Plimsols - Primark 

2 hours sleep meant I really couldn't be bothered on ' Dressed down Friday' to do anything with my hair, face and general attire. I opted for some Karma clothing goodies that meant comfort didn't leave my ' style' floating around in tracksuit land ( not that I even own one...oh well you get the jist). I never usually wear my hair up unless i'm in the gym but I actually kind of like it and will be trying out a quaffed/braided version of a ponytail style this weekend, with the help of the trusty roomie.



  1. Hi lovely ! i love your outfit :) do not hesitate to follow me via GFC :)kiss from france !

  2. Hi lovely! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and comment. I'll be sure to follow :) x


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