Bang Bang ...

Old Menswear Shirt - Missguided Suspender Leggings - Topshop Belt -
DaisyStreet Wedges - Primark Necklace
Shoreditch was the chosen location for Saturday nights antics. With a lovely lady of ours living a stones throw away from the majority of the bars it ended up being a pretty easy night. Though our heads were not so happy come Sunday morning- Hi Headache Hi!  I decided to go for this menswear shirt and teamed it with some suspender leggings from Missguided and my new trusty birthday wedges from DaisyStreet. A simple and comfy look perfect for the night ahead. Throwing on the usual jewels and a gold buckled waist-belt added a bit of glam to the look.
After nearly 6 years I'm about to put my faith in a hairdresser and get my mane chopped and coloured by a pro. I'm finally happy with the length of my hair but it's not in the best condition ( doubt the self Ombre has helped). As per usual when it comes to my hair I'm pretty impatient so am hoping to get an appointment this weekend, fingers crossed I like what I end up with and won't have to spend the next 6 months with my hair shoved under a mass hat!

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  1. Gorgeous shirt
    S xx


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