Nothing Could Ever Come Between Us...

Asos Dress - Topshop Kimono Jacket - LitteTeaCup Head Chain -
Kurt Geiger Heels
As the Birthday week got into swing i was getting totally spoilt rather early. Shopping trips by the dozen, dinners, cocktails & some rather snazzy gifts have ensured i start the week with smile ( oh god i hope i've not just jinxed myself there). Friday & Saturday nights saw the mischief get under way and this outfit was last minute option that ended up going down a treat. The head-chain was inspired by the lovely Shrada , after months of searching for the perfect one of her gorgeous ootd posts led me to this gem. I simply teamed it with a black Asos dress and my cousins KGs ( which i have officially taken hostage), the head piece meant i was able to keep the rest of he look pretty simple, though i did throw on the Topshop Kimono Jacket as the last minute. 

I can not wait to share with you loves my birthday outfits ( it currently stands at 4, which even by my standards is a ridiculous amount of socialising) & just some general snaps of the weeks antics.
Last but not least thank you to all the new ladies following and commenting. It does honestly mean so much and bring a smile to my face to think that you've taken the time to visit & comment.
*insert mass cheesy grin here*



  1. Love your kimono jacket
    And the head chain looks gorge on you
    S xx

  2. You look beautiful!
    I love your dress <3

    UK High Street Fashion

  3. Love love love the kimono! x

    1. They do randomly pop up on Ebay so definitely keep an eye out x


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