Mirrored Monochrome ...

House of Holland Crop - American Apparel Disco Pants -
JC Reps - Casio Watch - Kiko Nail Polish
With life being pretty hectic atm i've been lacking any motivation to do anything blog related, but i've given myself a needed kick up the ass. This outfit was for a gig/rave i went to friday night, i wanted something casual and easy so this little look popped into mind. I actually really liked how it turned out and think more crops could be coming out of the woodwork in the coming weeks. I'm feeling inspired to really clear out my wardrobe ( yes i know this is a weekly occurance with me ahaha too many clothes prehaps?) , and just buy key pieces that suit my style instead of focusing on trends.
There's loads of great items on the high street atm showcasing a variety of trends so it's easy for you to adopt a new style, or simply re-haul on the type of items you feel most comfortable in.
As ever thanks for popping by and if you have a blog or just any blogs you find inspiring pop the link below. I'd love to get reading some new material :) 



  1. Love the simple look!
    Cute crop
    S xx

  2. You look fab in disco pants hun :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest camouflage & monochrome outfit post here

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

    1. Aww thanks love! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment :) Will be popping over to your page shortly! xx


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