Remember Me...

Vintage Jumper - MotelRocks Sequin Shorts - JC Reps -
Asos wrist-wear, Malaysian boutique clutch -
 Primark Ring
 I had a great ( though at times stressful..) christmas break. For me it's the one time i get to catch-up with the majority of my school friends, especially those who now work abroad. The body as per the 2012 norm gave me a bit of a battering so my posting's been a bit on the slow side. But as of today i begin a juice cleanse/fast which will ( i hope) lead to a january of simple, clean eating & working out. I for one cannot wait for 2013. This year saw my body take a battering health-wise & life was a bit blahhh in general ( i won't bore you with the details). So roll on the next 12months where i'll promise to look after myself more, even if it's just so i can ensure the regular posts continue! 

This outfit was one i literally threw on about 2mins before these snaps were taken. The jumper was on my 'ebay/sell' pile but it has survived due to this little outfit receiving some love. You can't beat a £3 vintage knit! Teaming it with my MotelRocks sequin shorts & tan JC Reps kept the look simplistic & so i threw in an oversized snakeskin clutch & turquoise ring to 'jazz it up' a bit.

Thanks to all the beauts who read and/or comment/interact with me via the trillion social media platforms. I honestly do really appreciate the couple of minutes taken out of your time to support this little blog of mine. Enjoy the last few days of 2012 & Happy New Year for 2013! 


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  1. Love the knit!
    S xx


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