Motel Really Rocks...

With Summer sales already popping up in many retail outlets before we've really had a summer this could be pretty good as if summer is delayed we'll have even more clothes to rock with our shades. If like me you've given up hope on the sun ever returning it's a great chance to pop in some colour ready for the dull days of A/W12. Teaming dresses with tights and boots, bright skirts with jumpers and parka jackets ...you get the picture. Motel have been rather lovely and sent over a special code for the blogsphere to abuse a tad. It's a special 50% off for the sale and you can use it in the days before most people can even access the sale!

Click the link below to get secret sales shopping.

If you do buy anything be sure to tweet me or post up a link to your blog below, i love seeing how you all style pieces in your individual ways....plus spying on fellow fashion lovers is how i get most of my own inspiration :)


  1. Sweet @ss deal! I swear the UK has the sickest stores even us New Yorks fall envious!


    1. Ah i know alot of people who save up to come & shop in NY, you have some of the cutest stores! Thanks for stopping by :) x


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