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H&M Leather Jacket - Topshop Scallop Edge Top & Leopard Belt - 
 New Look Parisian Collection Trouser -- Mango Malaysia Bag - 
Accessorize & Topshop  Rings  - Topshop Cross Bracelet 
Vintage 'Hope'  Necklace - Ebay Seller Hat 

Yep, another day meant another outing for the big fuzzy current love of my life - THE hat. Ok so i'll warn you now it will probably be making a lot more appearances in these posts. Even a few drinks down the pub couldn't prize me away & was the perfect way to cover up my distinctly flat mane ( I really couldn't be bothered to spend 20mins backcombing my life away).  Teaming it with a festive red tee (Lord i just used a christmas related word in October...excuse me whilst i go and slap myself), bright pink lips and elements of leopard print it was the perfect 'casual yet not trampy' look.

The bag is no doubt one of my favourite finds. I picked it up during my last visit to Malaysia from a Mango store, it was a little on the pricey side and i nearly left it sitting on the shelf. But luckily for me my cousin on meeting me for lunch , saw it and demanded it be added to my collection. That's one thing i'd say about any holiday or working trip abroad - if you get the chance to scour the shops, do it! Whenever i'm in Malaysia Mango is always my first port of call simply because i never see any of the bags there in the UK outlets so feel as though i'm getting something special without spending hundreds of pounds. The independent boutiques are fab too but remember the bigger retail stores will probably carry different stock to the UK so it's worth a shot. 



  1. Could you link me to the ebay seller of the hat please?

  2. Edited the post, 'ebay seller hat' should include a link :)


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