Mixed Emotions....

 River Island Sequin Shorts - Primark Sheer Black Blouse - New Look Boots - Ebay Seller Oversized Clutch & Oversized Leopard Print Scarf

The last week saw the arrival of one my favourite ladies birthdays and so most of the last week has been spent getting together the finishing touches to a gift bag full of birthday treats, preparing an array of outfits and baking a rather impressive birthday cake ( see below for the result of 3 hours of pretty work).  We started the celebrations in Manchester last weekend, shopping & dinner date mid week and then finished off the week with dinner & drinks in London. A mix up & stupid promoters meant we didn't finish the eve together annoying as i was looking forward to a dance with my beaut. I met up with some of my mates mid way through the eve and we finally made it to a dance-floor then our beds come dawn.

Starting the fun in Manchester

Dinner with the birthday babe

What's a birthday without cake?

October's always a bit of a tough month, i won't depress you all with the ins & outs of my life but i've lost two people who played the most important roles in my life, it just happens to be the case that both anniversaries fall within a 10 day time frame. With a few other issues arising that need to be dealt with i've not really found the time to commit to my 3/4 posts per week, but i'll do my best to get back to my 3pw minimum sooner rather than later.


  1. I absolutely love everything about this outfit! The way you pull this off is amazing! With the sequinned shorts and the shirt. I'm also a big fan of the boots too!

  2. I am in love with your hair girrrrl!

    I hope everything's okay x


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