Lucky Day ...

New Look Blouse & Trouser - Topshop Belt & Flats - Ebay Seller Hat & Armour Ring
Accessorize -Other rings 
One of those days where you literally grab the first thing staring at you amongst the obscene amount of clothes gave me this result. The trousers are by far the best investment out of my recent purchases as you can probably tell by the amount of times they've popped up in the last few outfit posts. The blouse is from new look & i just adore the bright hue, perfect for lifting your mood on a chilly dreary day. My latest fad is to do my shirts/blouses up to the top button, i have no idea why i've suddenly embraced this style but i'm glad i have. I've never been a fan of high neck tops etc simply because i have a pretty..ahem..generous cleavage situation going on & those styles usually leave me looking 'boxed out'. But i think loose, light fabrics allow you to adopt a more masculine feel to your look, minus the issues. 

The armour ring is one i've had on my ebay watch list for about 9 months, but i was always a little wary as to how it would look. After making a few ££s on the site i decided to re-invest my fund into even more jewellery. It does make quite the statement but hey that's what i love about accessories - their ability to add a twist to any outfit. Though as a jewellery addict i never need an excuse to add to my rather ridiculous collection.

With an outrageously busy few weeks ahead i'm aiming to keep up these regular ootd posts, especially as i've made a fair few investments recently & i'm looking for any excuse to use them...

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