Sometimes It's Hard To Follow Your Heart ...

Love Oversized Blouse , Aldo Shoe Boots , Primark Belt, Malaysian Boutique Sandtimer Necklace 
A bright clutch is the quickest and easiest way to add a pop of colour into any outfit. This oversized gem was stolen from my fashion twin for the evenings events. 

Saturday called for a double birthday celebration and so off to London we went. I opted for a blouse/dress by love in a neutral colour and injected some colour via a blue waistbelt and blue tube skirt/bra combo underneath. Due to the sheer finish of the blouse i needed something to save my blushes!

After completing the make up of my ladies i went to town on my eyes , going for an array of colours and will post up the details on the look & all the products used as i've got some new favourites!

I was reminded as to how short life can be this past weekend. When i lost my parents it changed my whole outlook on life and i was determined to live life to fullest, never regret just learn and to treasure those special friends i'm blessed to have in my life. Sometimes you can find yourself caught up in the 'dramas' of life and forget that everything can change in an instant. Sadly we're surrounded by those individuals who take pleasure in 'stirring the pot' and creating a difficult situation for no reason. The moments i snap are the ones that leave me with a head full of regret, but when the whispers are of those you treasure (rightly or wrongly) a reaction is inevitable. You can only try so hard to fix the damage done by such 'stirring' until you grow tired of defending yourself to those who should know better. Time to close the door on a chapter of my life before it runs me into the ground, and the one thing i'm sure of atm is this > I don't want to look back & regret the time spent trying to change something i inevitably have no control over...even if it does mean sacrificing those friendships that once meant so much.

Todays Track > Jessie J > Who You Are

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