We all need a reason to be......

vintage knit, topshop high-waisted leathers, marks & spencer boots & the usual jewels.....
So the weekend arrived but as i had lots of 'work related' stuff to complete i spent the majority of it attached to my new best friend who goes by the name of Mr Macbook Pro. Managed to squeeze in a couple of dinner dates with a few of my favourite ladies. Saturday in particular was kind of a 'goodbye' meal. I'm not fleeing the country ( though an all expenses paid trip to a sunnier climate would be amazing right now). No, instead i'm focusing purely on the career for the coming weeks, there's lots to complete so it calls for 100% dedication.

 God i'm going to miss my famed social antics but i'm hoping it all pays off in the end!

Yesterday = one of those days where every negative thought seems to invade your mind with extreme ease. Like those adverts where you have a 'devil' and an 'angel' fighting to control your mind, and in my case let's just say there was NO sight of any angelic characters. But then i received the sweetest supportive email from a lovely lady who follows the blog giving me the boost needed, i won't go into details but lets just say if i continue to get feedback like that i'd never have a 'negative day' again! Sunday saviours seemed to be popping up all over the shop after that, the perfect way to end the weekend. 

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