Let it Snow......

Vintage Shop Necklace , River Island Bralet
Arrgh this snow business is driving me slightly crazy. Ok, so it's meant i have knuckled down to my fashion based research, BUT choosing an appropriate outfit has proved rather tough for my ventures out of the humble home. So i've decided to suffer for my art using ear muffs, tights and snoods to keep me warm instead of a boiler-esque jacket ( you know the ones your mum makes you wear before you have any say in what makes up your wardrobe...for the record mine was Purple and still haunts me to this day)

Decided to make the most of it this time around though taking a few winter inspired snaps...and yes that is real snow still falling in the pics :/ But ladies my trusty 120 den tights and Lined Denim jacket definitely aided my warmth. Invest in these for 2011's cold snaps!

Cream blouse , Denim Aviator and New Look Military boots

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