A last minute trip to Brighton this weekend..and i defiantly didn't mind the short notice. Brighton's got some great vintage boutiques and if you can spend the time routing through the goods you are sure to find something you like. As i'm meant to be saving for my mounting business costs i couldn't afford to go too crazy but i did pick up a cute necklace. We stopped off at a lovely cafe for some of the most amazing treats and the biggest cup of tea i've managed to find yet..perfect for a chilly afternoon.

The evening had us roaming round a couple of bars ..well it'd be rude to go that far and not see the sights or abuse the chance to get glammed up for the evening! Due to the extreeeeeme chill in the air i opted for hareems and a leopard print Bralet from River island, finishing off the look with my trusty platform shoe boots and a denim style aviator.

I am a complete jewellery freak , if you asked anyone to some me up in a few short words i know 'jewellery obsessed' would be in there somewhere! I particularly like quirky pieces and am partial to bit of gold in my life so the necklace i found was pretty much perfect. Cheeky slogan of 'Iloveboys' with a red heart has been added to my life.

I'm defiantly making a return trip soon..they've even opened a MAJOR urban outfitters and it is simply amazing.

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