Simply Melbourne

aah finally home sweet home after a pretty hectic but amazing trip to the other side of the world. Managed to fit in the important bits like shopping and the Zoo! As well as some of the beautiful buildings the laid back atmosphere meant it was easier to traipse the streets of Melbourne and St.Kilda  hunting out all the little boutiques. There doesn't seem to be the 'high street chain' culture like london but a lean towards independent boutiques and more high end designers. But this meant you get a more of a mix though i personally feel  the UK has more of a exciting fashion scene that influences near enough everyone you see wondering around. The style there is more tailored but they do have some gorgeous Vintage boutiques, a bit hard to find, but once located you're not disappointed! I picked up a few bits including two statement rings and a deep blue blazer with gold detailing and my travel Buddy Anna found a beaut of a fur coat at an equally beautiful price.

Back home time to prepare for the styling shoot come up soon ..the start of my professional portfolio! Excited but nervous, hopefully my ideas will look as good in practice as they seem in my head..i'll post some pics up on here once they come through.

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