Jewelled up for Australia

Last day or so in Malaysia was spent wondering around the shops of the amazing pyramid shopping centre, a must see for any shopper, not only does it contain anything you could ever need ( Even nightclubs) but the building itself is beautiful, especially at night.
My jewellery collection has grown even more( whoops)... but i've been modelling the pieces here in australia and people are loving them... no doubt they'll be thrust into the blog spotlight for all to see soon.
My idea of heaven!

Major dramas at the airport ..we checked in after check in had closed and ran for our lives...but once we arrived here in Australia we've been able to relax a little. Just around the corner from some cute little vintage boutiques we've stumbled across some great finds. 
Chapel Street is a another destination with a mix of high street and designer stores. Unlike in England, near enough each store has its own 'look' even in terms of the outer structure which gives the street a bit of character.  A few days of intense 'Melbourne tourist' action is ahead of us, but for now the beach is our haven..helps that it's only across the road!
St.Kilda Beach at Sunset

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